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Beginning DevOps

This is the opening story that I’d been thinking about for a long time.

While we were setting out, I was embarrassed to talk about our approach because it all seemed like common sense, and something that everyone should be doing. I didn’t want to state the obvious. As I moved on and learned more about how other companies were approaching (or not approaching) this stuff, I began to realize that — while not unique — we had learned and developed uncommon skills, approaches, and mindsets.

It was an incredible journey and we learned and accomplished so much!

DevOps Anti-Patterns

Sometimes it’s hard to be sure that the culture is fully DevOps. After all, this is a path of continuous improvement, and always striving to become better is part of the DNA. There’s also a lot of nuance and opinion on what DevOps means, and a lot of ways to get there.

So, I was thinking: what about an alternative symptom-based checklist to measure how far you are on the journey? I came up with some ideas to use as a gauge. Essentially… How DevOpsey are you?

By DevOpsey, of course, I mean all of the things in the DevOps Loop (plan, create, verify, package, release, configure, monitor). But it also applies to things like the DevOps Superpattern, and probably a bunch of other things too.

I kept adding stuff to the article until I realized that it was getting too big and needed to split it out. So here’s a series…

Lifecycle and Governance

DevOps Basics

Pipeline Tooling

Remote Working


The Triad T2556


In addition to what’s already published, I keep a list of other topics I’d like to cover. Add a comment if there’s something you’d like to see added to this list!

Random Other Stuff

Evolution of a Space Capability